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The Chinese environmental protection equipment net congratulates the Chinese B2B Research center update political line warmly
Author:Admin Date:20101229 Click:4723
Business community May 14 News May 14 News from the A shares "shares of Chinese Internet first" net business Po Shing (stock code: 002,095) to launch the first B2B Research Center, founded by China (b2b.toocle.com) new version of the official on-line. Meanwhile, the Research Center also released a new strategic positioning - to create "research and dissemination of B2B e-commerce platform," making "industry authority, China's first, the world's leading" research and dissemination of B2B e-commerce platform. Landing new China B2B Research Center, we found that, compared with the old version of the page, the new version added a B2B research, B2C research, search trends, search research, special reports, network platforms, site map, discussion area and other sections, so that the overall interface looks more professional shows its "e-commerce communication and research platform," the platform style. According to reports, after revision B2B Research Center in China will gradually step up the construction of characteristic columns, and continuously meet the industry's customer needs. In the new site map in addition to the characters before the column can be seen to focus on the B2B field Sunde Liang, Ma, Guo Fansheng, Wang Shutong, Wei Zhe, Chen Xuejun, Dai Weizhong leaders and other industries, but also adds Guo Jiang, Shen Jinhua, Jin Xiaobing , Fang Xingdong, Zhu Jun-hong, Wang Haibo and so on-coming figures. Another newly added field in the B2C sector representative figures: Wang Juntao, Bin Liao, aging, Liu Qiang Dong, Li Guoqing, who, while in the search field, Li, Kai-fu Lee, Charles Zhang, Ding Lei, Ma, Liu Yun, Yang also became the focus of attention. The above-mentioned three areas are no doubt small and medium enterprises (businessmen) to carry out Internet marketing and promotion of several important channel. E-commerce in various enterprises within the industry's concern, in the B2B area of concern to enterprises include: Alibaba.com, net business Sheng-bao, China Network, HC network, Global Sources, buy wheat net, Treasure Island and many other enterprise. In the B2C2C area of concern to enterprises, including: clothing network, Dangdang, eBay, Taobao, Joyo, Lok Amoy net, red kids, pat network and many other enterprises, and has been working to build e-commerce professional, the authority of the media. At present, the Chinese B2B Research Center (b2b.toocle.com) updates are released daily information of all kinds of articles, analysis reports, research papers and industry reports have reached hundreds. And to uphold for a long time, first in words, pictures, reports, comment on a variety of forms, published a large number of primary articles and reports from various sources. In addition to beginning of each month issued a series of small business owners are quite concerned about the "businessmen Search List" and its analysis of reports, each year the value end of the year, the center also issued a series of industry-specific inventory summary report. It is understood that China B2B Research Center was founded in early 2007, a time when China's Internet-based entertainment applications from people's lives began to business applications based major turning point. This is the web site in our industry, "leader", the earliest of the B2B e-commerce service operator "NetSun" listed later (December 15, 2006) in the first year, which is regarded as China's domestic B2B e-commerce Ying to the "new era" a landmark event. As a result, China ushered in the industry for more than 3,000 websites as the core industry clusters to explore a wide range of B2B e-commerce and high attention to historical period. It is in this macro context, the Chinese B2B Research Center came into being, not only to make up for gaps in the industry, but also thus become China's B2B e-commerce research and the spread of a historic "turning point." In this regard, a lot of e-commerce industry said the research center of China B2B platform upgrades and large-scale revision is expected to construction and development of China's B2B better service and contribution.

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