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Bases innovates the Jiangsu Asian and Pacific environmental protection equipment to reach the international standard independently
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On April 15, the tenth Chinese international environmental protection, the water-treating equipment application exposition is held in Beijing agriculture exhibition hall. Although the current whole world was still in the international finance crisis “the severe winter” the season, however people from dazzling exhibit article and bustling visit stream of people, understood our country environmental protection and the water treatment industry “the spring” the breath.

In the exposition scene's Asian and Pacific environmental protection equipment exhibition hall, goes to visit inspects, carries on the technical advisory work and the intention order equipment is continuous. According to Asian and Pacific environmental protection equipment services department General Manager Mao Guofeng introduced that at this exposition, the general equipment asks buying to Asian and Pacific to have many technical monopoly high tech diving agitation drift equipment, the umbrella type surface insolation internal combustion engine, the peripheral transmission to blow the dredger, rotary system bi Shui Qi, smashing grill defaecating machine and so on sophisticated equipment to pay attention highly but actually, the exhibition begins the first day to carry out order contract 31, the signing aggregate amount reaches 60,000,000 Yuan many.

The agitation, the drift equipment is the sewage treatment link's core installment, widely applies in the sewage factory aeration tank, the anaerobic pond and the oxygen deficit pond. Has the mix sludge, the agitation sewage, the big area to actuate the water body medium flowing, the strengthening biological treatment specific potency. Since long our country stirs the drift equipment to use the traditional process product generally, the technique content is low, the application effect rate difference, the energy consumption are high, therefore national and the place key sewage treatment project, nearly uses the high foreign exchange import equipment. In order to promote the nationality to equip the industry, speeds up the environmental protection equipment manufacture domestically step, in recent years Jiangsu Asian and Pacific pump valve Limited company president Chang Qingchang led the technical personnel, the digestion absorption international vanguard technology, devoted in the domestically produced environmental protection complete set of equipment's technological innovation, enabled the domestically produced agitation drift equipment's core part to have many proprietary intellectual property rights.

Jiangsu Asian and Pacific pump valve Limited company General Manager Chang Lei introduced that reduced a row of question along with the whole world to the environmental protection and the energy conservation to take seriously, to take the national water conservancy project machinery and the environmental protection equipment backbone Manufacturing firm, Asian and Pacific devoted in introduces the high-tech personnel, the implementation and the international high tech industry grafts, increased the technological innovation and product development dynamics unceasingly, particularly has made many breakthroughs in the environmental protection complete set of equipment's development aspect. In recent years, Asian and Pacific carries on the technological innovation regarding the environmental protection complete set of equipment, the development develops 8 big series, more than 100 variety industrial production equipment. And integrates more than 40 inventions and the practical patent, undertakes more than 40 item of national torch plan project, obtains more than 50 province departmental level scientific and technical payoffs, the enterprise entrusts the ministry of construction and the environmental protection bureau, the management formulation diving pollution discharge pump, the diving agitation drift equipment and so on 8 items for the equipment manufacturing industry implementation's country technical standard, 10 many kinds of high tech product technology domestic are in the lead, and reaches the international similar products advanced level. The enterprise by the National Numerous Departments was recognized that is “the urban sewage processing key equipment production depends on the unit”, “the national environmental protection equipment backbone Manufacturing firm”, “the National High technology and new technology Enterprise”, “the product quality Country Exempting from inspection Unit”. The product in the Beijing-Kowlon railway, the northward rerouting of southern river and the transport the natural gas from the west to the east project, the Three Gorges and the Xiaolangdi hydraulic engineering, dwelling place of the dead satellite national key projects and the extra large type enterprise and so on launch project, to Hong Kong water supply project, capital airport, Shanghai Baoshan Steel Corporation substitutes the import, attains the widespread quotation, and exports European and American, Southeast Asia and African area dozens of countries one after another, from imported to our country water conservancy project machinery and the environmental protection equipment has played the important function to the export significant historical transition. Since the second half of last year, in the international finance crisis spread, the domestic and foreign numerous enterprise output value has slid to under largely the specific environment which and even is compelled to suspend production, in 2008 Asian and Pacific produces, sells, the advantage to grow above compared to the same period 20%. This year January to March, the Asian and Pacific each onotechnical norms' increased range compared with the same time last year grows above 30%.

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