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East the source electric appliance clarifies: The environmental protection and the wind electricity project not yet goes into production
Author:Admin Date:200994 Click:4230

In view of the company environmental protection gentle breeze electricity project's hearsay, east the source electric appliance (002074) clarifies, at present, the company environmental protection equipment project was still at the research and development stage, has not had the related product production and the sale. The company also not yet carries on any investment and the research and development to the wind generator set project; As a result of aspect factors and so on fund, in the short-term the company will not start this project.

January, 2008 to May, 2009, the company related wind electricity special-purpose kind of product's sales revenue and has signed about the sales contract amount total 1500 ten thousand Yuan, is small to company's net profit influence. The company present is producing and the sales wind electricity special-purpose kind of product mainly changes for the wind battery case and the high-pressured cabinet.

On May 12, some media report said that in the wind electricity project construction aspect, the wind electricity electrically controlled equipment which east the source electric appliance produces started to put in the market, forms finally yearly produces 1.5 megawatts to change speed permanent frequency double-fed wind generator set 200 productivities and yearly produces 2.0 megawatts to drive the type to change speed straight permanent frequency permanent magnetism wind power generation group 100 productivities, and develops gradually produces 5 kind of specification wind electric field complete set generating set.

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