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The city environmental protection bureau leader thorough environmental protection enterprise carries in-the-spot guidance clothing
Author:Admin Date:200994 Click:4277
In the thorough study practice scientific development concept's activity, city environmental protection bureau party group secretary, Bureau Chief Liu Guiling leads to be related the administrative offices and the environmental protection federation's expert, carries in-the-spot guidance service to the Daqing broad environmental protection equipment Limited company.

This company is my city carries on sanitary sewage processing the enterprise, this enterprise passes through several years in Daqing's practice, already successfully promoted has not had (micro) the power sewage-treatment plant, this kind of equipment promotes the application in Daqing to have the broad development opportunities, but as a result of the people to this kind of equipment's understanding insufficiency, the promotion is also facing difficultly. City environmental protection bureau party group secretary, Bureau Chief Liu Guiling in view of this kind of situation, the organization Department concerned and the expert takes the pulse for the enterprise, to discover the enterprise the question which exists in the promoted installment, the analysis solves the question means that proposed must widely investigate and study, in the investigation and study foundation proposed that adapts Daqing sewage treatment several means and the promoted application suggestions reported that submits for the municipal government and the big head of undertaking, for city leaders and big head of undertaking decision-making, when good gives advice, to solve my city urban sewage processing, particularly the outlying dispersion area sewage treatment provides the sewage treatment means which may use for reference.

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